Which Sole Is Better For Labor Insurance Shoes?

- Nov 17, 2020-

When shopping for labor insurance shoes, we will see that there are many different soles to choose from, so many people have this question: Which kind of labor insurance shoes have better soles?

We only need to keep one point in mind on this issue:

All judgments that are separated from the work environment and needs are hooliganism.

Each type of sole has its advantages and disadvantages. You need to consider your work environment and personal needs to see which sole is more suitable for you.

The common soles of labor insurance shoes are: rubber sole, PU sole, EVA sole, MD sole and so on.

Rubber sole

The two most common soles in labor protection shoes are rubber soles and PU (polyurethane) soles.

The rubber sole is made of natural rubber or synthetic rubber, which has high elasticity and resistance to flexure, and can withstand multiple bending, stretching and compression without being damaged.

In addition, the rubber sole also has the advantages of wear resistance, non-slip, acid and alkali resistance, and is suitable for most operating environments.

PU (polyurethane) bottom

PU sole is also called polyurethane sole, and it is also one of the common soles of labor insurance shoes. It usually forms various bubbles in the production process, which is light and easy to shape.

The PU sole has good elasticity, and has the advantages of light weight, abrasion resistance, and oil resistance. It is more comfortable and light to wear, and it is not easy to open the rubber and break the bottom.

EVA bottom

EVA is a polymer material, and the sole made of EVA material is very light.

In addition to being light, EVA soles have high resilience and tension resistance, high toughness, and good shock absorption and cushioning properties.

EVA bottom mainly includes pure EVA bottom and EVA+rubber bottom.

MD bottom

MD bottom is the collective name of MODEL or PHYLON flying dragon, which belongs to EVA secondary high pressure molding products.

MD bottoms are mostly used in combination, and the commonly used combination is EVA + rubber. The EVA bottom is comfortable, light, and has good shock absorption and cushioning effects. The rubber bottom at the bottom provides good grip and wear resistance. Many running shoes and basketball shoes use this sole.