What's The Difference Between Safety Shoes And Regular Shoes?

- Jul 10, 2019-

First, from the perspective of production materials: ordinary shoes generally use ordinary materials, such as textile fabric materials, artificial leather, etc., while safety shoes must use better quality insulation materials, such as anti-static materials, high temperature resistance and other special materials. Sole goes without saying, common shoe is ox tendon bottom commonly, look from current market, safe shoe USES rubber bottom or PU bottom to wait.

Secondly, from the point of use, the majority of safety shoes are used in electroplating workshops, construction sites, laboratories, large machinery manufacturers and other special working places, but ordinary shoes are basically used for walking, shopping and some public places such as offices without great risk

Third, from the design concept: safety shoes are mainly used to protect the operator's foot safety, so in the design of the primary factor is safety, and ordinary shoes more consideration is beautiful, comfortable, fashion, light and other functions, just to meet the needs of consumers. The difference between safety shoes and ordinary shoes is also reflected in the characteristics, applications and other related aspects.

Therefore, we cannot use ordinary shoes as safety shoes. We should consider the actual conditions such as operation and working environment, and choose the right size of safety shoes to ensure the safety and health of employees and ourselves.