Welding Gloves Information

- Apr 08, 2020-

Welding gloves material:

The main material is made of natural leather such as cow split leather, cow head leather, pig skin, sheep skin and so on.

Characteristics of welding gloves:

Mainly heat insulation, wear resistance, prevent scalding of splashes, block radiation, and have certain insulation performance.

Main types:

Depending on the type of welding, the impact on the welder is not necessarily, so according to various types of welding can be roughly

Divided into two types of welding gloves:

1. The so-called manual welding of ordinary manual welding gloves is the welding that we usually use a pair of pliers to clamp the electrode. There are many high-temperature spatters in this type of welding. So the gloves used are mostly Gary's double layers. The length is also above 35CM.

2. TIG welding gloves (TIG)

This kind of welding has less spatter, but the temperature is high, the radiation is strong, and the welding wire is relatively thin. Therefore, this type of glove feels better, thinner, and not too long.

EN12477: Type A Type B

Anti-conductance / insulation resistance ≥10 ^ 6 ohm resistance ≥10 ^ 6 ohm

500 times 100 times

Knife resistance index 1.2 Index 1.2

Tear resistance 25 Newtons 10 Newtons

Anti-puncture 60 Newtons 20 Newtons

Combustion resistance Level 3 Level 2

Thermal conductivity 100 ° C 100 ° C

Heat resistance HTI≥7

Anti-fine metal slag 25 tablets 15 tablets

Dexterity (nail diameter) ≤11mm ≤6.50mm