Use Of Safety Belts For High Altitude Operations

- Sep 23, 2020-

Over the years, the incidence of traumatic injuries in high-altitude operations has remained high, of which about 30% of deaths caused by falling. The following are some of our views on the use of safety belts (safety belts) for high-altitude operations.

   Safety belts are personal protective equipment used to prevent fall accidents of workers at heights. They are composed of belts, ropes and metal accessories, collectively called safety belts. It is suitable for poles, suspension, climbing and other high places, but not for fire fighting and hanging objects.

  Seat belts are divided into two types: fence belts and suspension and climbing safety belts. The safety belts for surrounding poles are suitable for pole operations such as electricians, telecommunications workers, and gardeners. The main styles are: electrician fence with single waist type, electrician fence with anti-dropping type, general I type fence with single waist belt, general II type fence with single waist, telecom worker fence with single waist and Leather electrician security belt, etc. Suspension and climbing safety belts are suitable for high-altitude operations such as construction, shipbuilding, installation, maintenance, lifting, bridges, quarrying, mining, highway and railway shunting. There are many styles. According to the structure, it is divided into single belt type, single strap type, double strap type, all-round belt type that is climbing type. Among them, the single-waist type has a type I suspension safety belt, a type II suspension safety belt, a suspension safety belt for railway shunt operators, a suspension safety belt for telecom operators, a universal type I suspension safety belt, and a universal type II suspension self-locking safety belt There are six kinds of double straps; there are universal type I suspension double strap safety belts, universal type II suspension double strap safety belts, universal type III suspension double strap safety belts, and universal type IV suspension double strap safety belts, all silk There are five kinds of rope safety belts; the omnidirectional (ie climbing) has three types: general type I climbing activity belt type safety belt, general type II climbing activity type safety belt and general climbing fixed type.

   High-altitude operation means above 5 meters from the ground, high-altitude operation means above 1.3 meters in height, and there is no guardrail beyond 2 meters. At these construction sites, construction and equipment installation and maintenance are mainly carried out by power line workers, high-altitude installation and maintenance workers, etc.