Technical Specification And Application Of Safety Belt

- Sep 17, 2020-

The anti-falling system generally includes the following major components: safety belts, safety ropes, self-locking devices, steel hooks, speed difference anti-falling devices, buffer belts, etc. According to the actual needs of different occasions, the above components are reasonably matched to form an anti-falling system with high safety factor. Three elements of the anti-fall system: full-body safety belts, connectors, and hanging points. Three elements are indispensable. The full-body safety belt is for the staff to wear. There are D-rings on the front or back for suspension. Some safety belts are attached with a waist belt for working positioning or hanging tools and have the function of waist protection; the connecting parts have safety ropes, Safety rope with buffer belt, speed difference anti-dropping device, etc. That is, it is used to connect the safety belt and the hanging point, the static tension is greater than 15KN; the hanging point is the force of the whole set of anti-fall system, and the static tension is greater than 15KN. It is best to be determined by professionals when selecting the hanging point. Where an anti-fall system is required, it is necessary to evaluate the fall factor first. Falling factor = falling height/rope length. In the case that the fall factor is equal to 0 (for example, a worker pulling a rope at the connection point) or less than 1, and the degree of freedom of movement is less than 0.6 meters, positioning equipment is sufficient. The fall prevention system must be used in other situations where the fall factor is greater than 1 or the degree of freedom of movement is greater. It can also be seen from the fall factor that the entire anti-fall system pays attention to high-hanging low-use. Systems that include fall factors include: Restrictions: technologies used to prevent workers from entering areas that are at risk of falling (such as positioning belts and safety ropes EN358)   Positioning: provide workers with safe positioning in a risk area where the fall factor is not determined (such as hanging Below the connection point and equipped with a positioning strap EN358 on the tension rope)  Fall prevention: technology used to eliminate or reduce the impact force caused by falling from a height (such as the use of fall prevention safety rope EN361 and buffer belt EN355)  When used The following precautions should be paid close attention to the fall prevention system: the length of the buffer belt should not exceed 2 meters;  The potential fall length must be kept at the shortest distance with suitable gears and rigging;  The possibility of workers touching obstacles during the fall must be eliminated ; Avoid the fall factor of the system from exceeding 2; Calculate the distance to ensure that the worker does not touch the ground after falling.