Speed Differential Seat Belt Belt And Anti-static Seat Belt Cord

- Oct 29, 2020-

The speed difference seat belt belt is made of polyester material, the belt body is soft, and the waist belt is added to ensure the comfort of the user. The belt body hardware is all chrome-plated parts, the safety hook is a double-insured forging hook, and the belt adopts imported quick-fit buckle, which is more convenient to wear. The speed difference is 1.3m, which can be selected according to the needs of the wearer.

The anti-static safety belt cords all contain anti-static guide wires, and the accessories are copper. Used in petrochemical, gas industry and other fields. The metal connection hooks and buckles of the anti-static safety belt are all made of copper alloy materials, which are mainly used to prevent static electricity from colliding with metal during high-altitude operations, so as to avoid detonation in working environments such as petrochemical and gas industries. It has a very safe application.

Safety belts are safety clothing worn by high-altitude workers to prevent fall accidents during work. Anti-static/explosion-proof functional safety belts must be worn during construction at high-altitude work sites with potential flash explosion hazards such as petrochemical and gas industries.