Selection Of Welding Gloves

- Apr 08, 2020-

1. Choose the welding gloves according to your working environment. For example, the welder needs to be thicker and longer welding gloves. Thickness can protect the hands from being scalded, and long can protect the arms from being injured.

2. According to your choice of work type, for example, argon arc welding is mainly one-handed work, generally right-handed work, but argon arc welding gloves need not be too thick, but need to be long.

3. According to the choice of season, generally the welding gloves used in summer are not too thick, which will feel hot and work unsatisfactory;

Enterprise standards:

The length of the hand-welded glove is more than 35CM, with certain insulation performance, and the seam of the glove must not be exposed. Insulation above 100 degrees Celsius, at the same time must be smart and comfortable.

TIG gloves have a length of more than 25CM and have certain insulation properties. The leather is soft and the size is appropriate.

Protection performance: heat insulation, fire retardant, metal slag splash resistance, radiation resistance, insulation, abrasion resistance, cutting resistance and puncture.

Comfortable performance: suitable size, flexible hand, easy to absorb sweat.