Precautions For Washing Work Clothes Of Flame-retardant Fabrics!

- Sep 27, 2020-

Flame-retardant fabrics have some special materials, so there are more problems that need to be paid attention to when washing. So, what are the problems that need to be paid attention to when cleaning work clothes with flame-retardant fabrics? I will sort out today for everyone. Four precautions, let’s take a look at these four precautions together.

1. When washing flame-retardant fabric work clothes, the water temperature should be below 40℃, add 1 gram of neutral soap or enzyme-free detergent per kilogram of clothing, and the bath ratio should not be greater than 1:40. Use light washing methods. These small washing problems You need to pay attention, because a little carelessness may affect the function of the flame retardant fabric.

2. After washing, it needs to be exposed to the sun, or naturally dried and ironed at a high temperature of 150℃ for 2 minutes, or it can be dried at 150℃ for more than 4 minutes.

3. Drying or natural drying, so the drying method of this kind of clothes must not be dehydrated and then dried, because this method may damage the material of the flame-retardant fabric and cannot achieve flame-retardant effect.

4. Keep it in a dry and ventilated manner to avoid mechanical or chemical damage, because chemical damage will directly affect its effect. Therefore, this issue must be paid attention to. The above are the four things we should pay attention to when washing fire-retardant fabric work clothes. If you don’t pay attention, the fire-retardant fabric will be damaged. Once damaged, it will cause your life. Threats, therefore, it is recommended that everyone must master these precautions.