Precautions For Using Seat Belts

- Nov 05, 2020-

The seat belt must be tied to a firm member or object, to prevent swinging or collision, the rope cannot be knotted, and the hook must be hung on the connecting ring.

The safety belt rope protector should be kept intact to prevent the rope from being worn. If the protective cover is found to be damaged or detached, a new cover must be added before use.

It is strictly prohibited to extend the seat belt without authorization. If a long rope of 3m or more is used, a buffer must be added, and the components must not be arbitrarily removed.

After using the seat belt, pay attention to maintenance and storage. To check the sewing part and hook part of the seat belt frequently, it is necessary to check in detail whether the twisted thread is broken or damaged.

When the seat belt is not in use, it must be kept properly. Do not touch high temperature, open flame, strong acid, strong alkali or sharp objects, and do not store it in a humid warehouse.

Safety belts should be inspected once after two years of use. Frequent use should be inspected frequently. If abnormalities are found, they must be replaced immediately. Seat belts that have been used in regular or sampling tests are not allowed to continue to be used.