Polymer Tow Rope Essential Protective Equipment For Travel

- Jul 18, 2020-

When we are driving a car for travel or doing errands, the car suddenly breaks down and accidentally falls into a sewer without a manhole cover. If such an accident happens, the most useful tool is the tow rope.

The length of the tow rope is generally about 5-15 meters. The two ends of the rope are usually equipped with cargo hooks. The owner of the tow rope usually installs auxiliary accessories-tow ring, the rear part of the car on the head bumper. The tow hook is installed, which is convenient for connecting with the rescue vehicle when using the tow rope for dragging. The color of the tow rope is mostly bright, so that it can be reflective and eye-catching when used at night, and it should be added in time at night.

The polymer tow rope is suitable for all kinds of small, medium and large family cars, and the price is very acceptable. The characteristics of the tow rope: smooth surface, low friction coefficient, not easy to fluff, it is acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, cold-resistant, corrosion-resistant, UV-resistant, easy to store; therefore, it can be used for a long time.

In addition, the tow rope in the off-road circle is also a necessary protective equipment for every off-road enthusiast.