Pay Attention Before Using The Seat Belt

- Apr 23, 2020-

1. Each time you use the seat belt, you should check the label and certificate, check whether the nylon is cracked, whether the suture is secure, whether there is a lack of metal parts, cracks and corrosion, and the safety rope should be hung on the connection ring.

2. The seat belt should be hung high and used low to prevent swinging and collision, avoid sharp materials, and avoid contact with open flames.

3. The hooks and loops of the seat belt should be firmly hung on the mooring points during operation.

4. When using the seat belt in a low-temperature environment, care should be taken to prevent the seat belt from becoming hard and split.

5. Frequently used safety ropes should be checked frequently. When something abnormal happens, new ropes should be replaced in time, and pay attention to the problem of adding rope sleeves.

6. The safety belt cannot be knotted to avoid the safety rope being disconnected from the knot when impact occurs. The safety hook should be hung on the connecting ring, and cannot be directly hung on the safety rope to avoid the safety rope from being cut when falling.

7. After two years of use of the safety belt, a random inspection should be carried out according to the volume of purchase. The static load test of the surrounding belt is used for the impact test. If it is not broken, it can be used continuously. The rope must be replaced with a safety rope before use. Pay attention to adding a rope cover when replacing a new rope.

8. The safety belt should be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse. It should not be exposed to high temperatures, open flames, strong acids, strong alkalis and sharp hard objects. Do not use tools with hooks when moving, and prevent sun and rain during transportation.

9. Seat belts should be kept clean frequently. They can be put in warm water and gently rubbed with soapy water, then rinsed with clean water and then dried.

10. Various components on the seat belt cannot be removed arbitrarily. When replacing new parts, qualified accessories should be selected.

11. The life span of the seat belt is 3-5 years. If abnormality is found, it should be scrapped in advance. During the use process, pay attention to check it, and test it once every six months to one year. It is required that the main components are not damaged, if any damage or deterioration is found, it shall be reflected in time, and the use shall be stopped to ensure safe operation.