Measurement And Selection Methods

- Sep 14, 2018-

1, Shoe type: (short name: Model), that is, the length and width of shoes, the width of the shoe body tightness with the foot is the degree?

2, upper: leather material softness can be in the nature of walking, put on clothing.

3, shoe state: The entire shoe state can be affixed to the foot without hitting the foot, loose and not off, full of elasticity.

4, Inner pad: whether the right to use the aid vibration function, sweat absorption function, massage function, health function structure.

5, Inside: whether the right to choose breathable function, waterproof function, thermal function, environmental protection function materials. 6, the sole: the choice for the regional, and various environments to use different degrees to configure the substrate and anti-skid requirements, such as: a good environment with relatively anti-skid, light-type substrate, the function of vibration is outstanding. Outdoor site environment using enhanced anti-skid, wear-resistant substrates, withstand the use of more severe environment.

Divided into: white-collar, blue-collar, wage, administrative industry, light industry, heavy industry, construction site, tourism, services and so on.