Main Features Of Portable Miner's Lamp

- Aug 07, 2020-

1. Integral industrial structure design, ultra-high capacity polymer lithium-ion battery and high-brightness LED light source

2.Meet national standards and conform to usage habits; intrinsically safe design

3.Small and light (about 150 grams), stylish in appearance, easy to use and carry

4. Multi-light source design, high reliability, long life, high cost performance

5. The power-saving mode can work for 120 hours (which can meet general activities such as walking lighting, the illuminance can reach 200 lux, and the range can reach 15 meters), and the strong light mode can work for 15 hours (the illuminance can reach 1500 lux, and the lighting can be 1100 lux for 11 hours. (Range up to 100 meters), super light flashing mode can work for ten days

6. The additional special bracket can be easily installed on ordinary safety helmets, which greatly expands the application range of the product: all kinds of safety helmets must be worn for operation and lighting