Introduction And Characteristics Of Gloves

- Aug 29, 2020-

Gloves are used for hand warming or labor protection, but also for decoration. Gloves are a very special thing. At the beginning, they were not produced for practical use. Only in modern times have they become necessary for heat preservation in cold regions, or medical antibacterial and industrial protective products. But in addition to gloves in the traditional sense, gloves now have a deeper meaning and are completely different from traditional gloves. This is due to the rise of online games, which has led to the emergence of overwhelming game equipment names. Due to the large number of game players, especially compared to traditional industries, the online glove information has more information about online game equipment.

    Gloves are divided into cotton yarn, plush, leather, etc. according to the material; according to the style, they are divided into long, short, single-finger, and split-fingers; some have only the back of the hand and the ten fingers are exposed, and there are also all ten fingers. Some delicate long gloves or mesh gloves are mainly used for etiquette and decoration. It was worn by men and women and was popular in the Qing Dynasty.

   According to the shape of the fingers, there are: split-finger gloves: each has 5 separate long bags of fingers; three-finger gloves: the thumb and index finger are separated, and the remaining 3 fingers are connected together. Mittens: In Northeast China, it is called hand boring. The thumb is separated and the remaining 4 fingers are connected together. Straight gloves: 5 fingers connected together. Half-finger gloves: each finger is not closed, only the first section is covered. Fingerless gloves: There is no finger part, opening at the heel. The fewer fingers that are separated, the better the heat preservation effect on the fingers, but at the same time it limits the movement of the hands. In addition to the decoration of the half-finger and fingerless gloves, the flexibility of the fingers of the score finger gloves has also increased.