How To Use Seat Belts And Safety Ropes Correctly?(Emphasize)

- Jul 18, 2020-

In many engineering operations, safety belts and safety ropes must be used in accordance with safety protection regulations, so how to use them correctly can better protect the safety of workers?

1. Before using the seat belt, please check whether the various parts are damaged, deteriorated or damaged. If so, please maintain it in time and refrain from using it.

2. The belt of the safety belt should be tied above the maximum hip circumference, close to the waist bone. Keep the waist tightly tied to prevent the body from slipping off the waistband or damaging the waist.

3. The fence and the safety rope should be firmly fixed on the upper solid member, the size of the workpiece and the length of the safety rope should be able to ensure that it can be moved flexibly within the working range. The length of the safety rope is generally 1.5-2m. When using a rope longer than 3 meters, buffer should be added. When the rope is not tied, the hook cannot be directly connected to the loose object or the safety rope. It should be hung on the connecting ring. The position of the fence should be as high as the belt, not lower than the belt. In order to prevent the human body from falling, the waist bone will be seriously damaged due to excessive impact.

4. In special high-altitude workplaces, due to conditions, if the seat belt needs to be tied to a lower position, it should be used together with the bumper to reduce the impact of human falling and reduce injuries.

5. When starting work on the porcelain bushing of electrical equipment, use a lift or a boom truck. The entire belt is tied to the casing to prevent damage to the casing or cause falling from a height.