How To Identify The Quality Of Shoes

- Sep 14, 2018-

Specification for working shoes

To identify the quality of shoes, it is necessary to look at the two aspects of appearance and intrinsic indicators. Because the intrinsic indicators often need to rely on the detection equipment, for a consumer, from the appearance to identify the quality of shoes more practical significance. From the appearance, mainly through the shoe material (including uppers, soles, shoes) quality and workmanship two aspects to identify the quality of shoes.

Size can be measured, the process to visual, hand-touch, pinch, push-based.

1. Upper (Help) The upper is one of the main components of the shoe. For the smooth shoes, to see whether it is soft and plump, by hand press the upper, whether there is a loose surface phenomenon, good upper should be plump soft, feel comfortable, gloss uniform, no loose surface phenomenon. The upper of Suede shoes, should pay attention to check whether the fluff is short and uniform, and its tone should be consistent. The shoe is a part of the upper, it is used to strengthen the upper, prevent the upper stretch deformation and improve the sense of the foot. Therefore, good shoes in the material (such as genuine leather shoes) should have a good touch, breathability and moisture, and not easily discolored.

In sewing, there should be no wrinkles or fat sides in the shoes.

2. insole The usual men's shoes are padded with insoles or heel pads behind the insoles. Women's shoes are covered with a full cushion covering the insoles. The insole has the effect of keeping the soles of the shoe clean and covering the inner bottom to improve the feeling of the foot. Therefore, the insole should have good suction, discharge moisture.

In workmanship, the insole should be loosely adhered to the bottom, there can be no dangling fold phenomenon.

3. outsole

From the outward appearance, the outer end of the bonding state should be closely bonded without voids, the bottom surface should be flat.

4. Heel Whether it is low heel or high heel, the first thing to see is whether the match with the shoe is naturally flat.

For women's shoes with a half-height heel above. The following two points are more important: first, the heel should be securely mounted on the inner bottom. The front and rear sway should not be shaken, and the palm should not be less than the bottom of the heel.

5. Insoles On the one hand, look at the inner bottom of the material, preferably leather. On the other hand, to use the hand to press the waist gear, the equivalent of shoes when the instep part, motionless better.

Under the effect of this force, such as the Yan Kou of the shoe deformation, indicating that the quality of the shoe is problematic.

6. Stability Put the shoes on the flat surface, the shoes should be stationary at once, such shoes for good stability, which is also a basic condition of high-quality shoes.