Have You Noticed The Possible Foot Injuries In Your Work Environment

- Nov 05, 2020-

1. Object injury or stabbing injury

In the working environment of construction, machining and other industries, there are often objects falling or iron nails or sharp objects scattered on the ground, which may cause smashing or stab injuries to the feet. Therefore, it is necessary to choose safety shoes that can prevent smashing and puncture.

2. High and low temperature damage

When working in smelting, coking and other workplaces, high temperatures and strong radiant heat are likely to cause burns and scalds on the feet. At this time, you can choose safety shoes that can withstand high temperatures to protect your feet.

On the other hand, in some cold areas, the feet are likely to be frostbited during outdoor construction in winter, and there are special cold-resistant shoes in safety shoes to protect the feet.

3. Chemical damage

Acid and alkali-resistant safety shoes can prevent foot burns or erosion injuries that may occur in operating environments such as chemical plants and pesticides that need to be exposed to acid and alkali solutions and related chemicals.

4. Electric shock and static electricity damage

Electrically insulated safety shoes can insulate human feet from charged objects and prevent possible electric shock injuries during electrician work; while anti-static safety shoes can direct static electricity from the human body to the ground and eliminate human body static electricity.

5. Other injuries

Safety shoes have many other functions, and safety shoes with different functions can be customized according to different working environments.