Half-Body Harness

- Sep 14, 2018-

Depending on the type of operation and wear, it can be divided into full-body seat belts and belts: 1, Full body harness (hasty harness), that is, seat belts wrapped throughout the body, equipped with a waist, chest, back multiple hanging points. It can generally be disassembled into a belt and a chest seat belt. The biggest application of a full-body harness is the ability to allow rescuers to take a "head-down" approach to work two without considering the seatbelt slippage.

For example, in deep-well rescue, rescue workers need to "head down" deep and close to the trapped people. 2, the half-belt (half Body hasty harness), that is, the seatbelt only wraps the bust (usually the lower torso, but like a chest seat belt, for upper body protection).

Its range of use is narrower than that of a full-body harness and is generally used for "seat overhang". The parameters of the seatbelt are the working pull (WS) and the blasting Pull (BS). According to the different standards and manufacturers, the above parameters are not the same.