Classification And Knowledge Introduction Of Protective Gloves

- Jul 01, 2019-

Source: (a) produce gloves is people in daily life, work, some sports, some activities, in the special environment, special operations, special work, can achieve hands skin from harm, second is to some people life a kind of beautiful decoration art and hand gloves, so people use gloves made of various types of human.

(2) glove materials: the materials used are usually: rubber, latex, artificial rubber, artificial leather, cloth, functional fabric, some animal skins, special metals, plastics, certain chemical materials and other raw materials.

(3) name of gloves: there are many names of gloves, usually according to the name of the glove material, according to the name of the glove technology, according to the purpose of the glove, according to the function of the glove, according to the regional national dialect.

According to the name of materials, such as: latex gloves, rubber gloves, cotton gloves, cotton gloves, canvas gloves, shake down gloves, leather gloves, pig leather gloves, PVC gloves, liquid gloves

The name according to the craft such as: dip rubber gloves, hang rubber gloves, knit gloves, embroidery gloves, invisible gloves

The use of name such as: welding gloves, welding gloves, etiquette gloves, ski gloves, space gloves, guardian gloves, labor gloves, protective gloves, work gloves, boxing gloves, microwave gloves

According to its features, such as: high-temperature resistant gloves, warm gloves, acid and alkali resistant gloves, oil resistant gloves, anti-skid gloves, welding gloves, flame retardant gloves

Such as: yarn gloves, string gloves (it is the cotton gloves named according to the materials), labor protection gloves, protective gloves, work gloves

Labor gloves, protective gloves, work gloves

Labor gloves: it is people in the labor gloves called labor gloves, is a general comprehensive name, many people misunderstand is a kind of gloves.

(2) protective gloves: is that people can protect hands from injury gloves called protective gloves, is a general name, many people are misunderstood is a kind of gloves.

(3) work gloves: gloves can be used in daily work gloves people called the work gloves, in fact, is a general comprehensive name, many people are misunderstood is a kind of gloves.

(iv) purpose of gloves: the purpose of gloves is not to be detailed here, but simply to protect the skin of gloves from injury and human beauty decoration and art sharing

(5) price and quality of gloves: it is usually determined according to the material and production process of gloves. Some are priced according to the grade, such as super, grade one, grade two, grade three, defective products, or grade A, B and C. Generally, grade one (grade A) is the best quality gloves, and the relative quality is high. Some look at the quality of gloves according to the price, usually the price of high glove quality is better.