Safety Harness Adjustable Lanyard

Safety Harness Adjustable Lanyard

Model No.: 1802007. This safety harness adjustable lanyard is an economical entry-level 6 foot low-profile ( tubular ) lanyard. Come with two snap hooks and internal energy absorption. Designed for general-purpose work environments.

Product Details


This model of safety harness adjustable lanyard is a kind of internal energy absorbing lanyard. 

With 6 foot lengths, it's for general fall protection.

1) With internal energy absorption, it looks more simple and convenient.

2) The tubular webbing protects the internal energy absorption and ensures the safety of workers.

3) Combine the benefits of a covered lanyard with the added convenience of an elastic core.

4) Two US style snap hooks on both ending for connection.

5) Shock absorbing retractable lanyard is for general fall protection.

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