Why wear reflective clothing?

- Aug 03, 2020-

        The reason for the large traffic accidents in urban areas across the country is that drivers do not have good concentration and do not have a good warning effect. Wearing reflective clothing can play a role in avoiding danger. Reflective clothing is a kind of protective equipment used to achieve high-brightness reflective warning effect at night or bad weather. Generally divided into reflective clothing for sanitation workers, reflective clothing for police, safety reflective clothing for children, reflective clothing for automobiles, and reflective clothing for cycling.

        Reflective clothing, mostly made of 300D waterproof oxford cloth + mesh, these reflective clothing is often very functional, there are many pockets, can meet the needs of the traffic police to place equipment on duty. Traffic reflective clothing can achieve red and blue flashes at night, which is very necessary in the work of traffic police. The reflective clothing will have silver-gray reflective cloth, blue and white small square reflective strips or reflective lattice strips, which not only has a high aesthetics, but also has a high reflective brightness coefficient, which can protect the safety of the wearer, no matter which direction the vehicle comes from. , Can play a safety warning role.