What to do if your feet hurt in safety shoes

- Aug 03, 2020-

The sole or lining of the safety shoes is too hard or the size is too small or overcrowded, and standing for a long time wearing safety shoes may also cause foot strain injuries.

First of all, you must brake and rest, try not to stand for a long time, because standing for a long time will lead to foot soft tissue and foot and leg joint pain, you should walk back and forth appropriately, especially in the acute pain period At that time, be sure not to walk with a heavy load.

Secondly, it is medication treatment. For external use, you can apply some medicated oil to the local area of the foot pain, and use a hot water bottle or fried salt to compress, orally take the medicine prescribed by the doctor to achieve the anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

However, the above small coups are techniques for treating symptoms but not the root cause. They can only relieve fatigue and temporarily relieve pain, but if you want to solve it fundamentally, you should choose a pair of comfortable lightweight safety shoes for yourself. It can prevent the foot damage caused by wearing heavy safety shoes for a long time, and it can also solve the foot pain fundamentally. It can also effectively protect the foot from external accidents. Although the light safety shoes are slightly reduced by half, the safety protection performance is better.