Use of insulated gloves

- Sep 14, 2018-

Insulation gloves are labor protection supplies, play the role of opponents or the human body, with rubber, latex, plastic and other materials made, with anti-electricity, waterproof, acid, anti-, anti-oil function. Suitable for the power industry, automotive and mechanical maintenance, chemical industry, precision installation.

Each material has different characteristics, depending on the type of chemicals in contact with the glove and has a special purpose. The insulating glove used for live work is an important part of insulation protection in individual protective equipment. With the development of electric power industry, the popularization of live working technology puts forward stricter requirements for the safety of insulating gloves used in live work.

However, the current market on the production, distribution, use of insulating gloves and live work with insulation gloves for the implementation of the standard is chaotic.