The main points of the jumpsuit design

- Apr 23, 2020-


The principle of workwear design is first and foremost: for different industries, different enterprises in the same industry, different positions in the same enterprise, different identities and genders in the same position, etc. The different points of the targeted design summarize why people wear them, when they wear them, where they wear them, why they wear them, and what they wear.

What people wear, in the narrow sense, refers to a part of people who go to work or engage in official activities within a specified time, and broadly refers to a part of the consumer group that is less clear. The "people" here appear as a group in work clothes. A part. A class, its working characteristics. Personal and group style. Physical and psychological needs. Political and economic status. Cultural literacy, etc., as for the design requirements are specific and varied. Time and place are the major environment and small environmental factors of the occupation. Time has spring, summer, autumn and winter, day and night, and the place is expressed as a regional big environment and a small environment during specific work.


Except for a few expensive work clothes, such as specific ceremonial clothes. In addition to special clothing, most of them require a reasonable price-performance ratio, that is, the grade of the fabric selected for design. Style complexity. The difficulty of craftsmanship is comprehensively compared.

Under the premise of the same beauty and function, the design of work clothes should reduce the cost as much as possible, from the style. material. Easy to make. Focus on the details of the clothing structure.


The aesthetics of work clothes are determined by the commonality of the spirituality of the clothes. Work clothes are made for the convenience of work. The aesthetic craftsmanship is particularly important.


Work clothes can be selected according to their own company's situation, such as: construction companies, should choose wear-resistant fabrics; electronics companies, should choose anti-static fabrics.

When working clothes are customized, the fabric should be selected, and the clothing suitable for your company should be selected to achieve the best practicality.