The function and choice of safety glasses

- Dec 24, 2018-

In China, occupational eye injuries account for about 5% of total industrial injuries, and account for 50% of trauma in ophthalmic hospitals.The proportion of eye injuries in some industrial sectors is as high as 34%. Casting, machine building, construction is a foreign bodyThe main department of ocular trauma. 

Function Product selection requirements

Optical performance

Excellent light transmittance, diopter, prism degree, etc.; meet optical requirements, such as

Filter ultraviolet rays, resist glare, weld, etc.

Physical properties 

Impact resistance, high speed particle impact resistance

Chemical protection 

corrosion resistance


anti-fog coating, anti-scratch coating


 fit on the face, less burden on the nose, ears or horns


Safety glasses lenses must achieve high-speed particle impact

Performance Class F requirements.

Class F: Steel ball with a diameter of 6 mm at 45 m / s (162

Km / hour), the lens can not be damaged or deformed under the impact of speed

so choose a suitable safety glasses is important for everybody!