Standard for the implementation of insulating gloves

- Sep 14, 2018-

(1) After the user buys the glove, if found in the transportation, the storage process by the rain, is affected by the damp mildew, or has other unusual change, should go to the Legal examination organization carries on the electrical performance to carry on the nuclear test.

(2) must be carried out before the use of inflatable test, found that any damage can not be used.

(3) When working, the cuffs of the garment should be put into the mouth of the tube in case of accidents.

(4) After use, the inside and outside of the dirt should be scrubbed clean, to be dried, sprinkle talcum powder placed flat to prevent damage to the pressure, and do not put on the ground. (5) should be stored in the dry ventilated room temperature-15 ℃ to +30℃ relative humidity 50% to 80% of the warehouse, away from the heat source, leaving the ground and the wall 20 centimeters above.

Avoid the effects of acid, alkali, oil and other corrosive substances, do not place in the open air to avoid direct sunlight, do not put on the ground.

(6) The use of 6 months must be a preventive test.