Safety shoes introduction

- Mar 11, 2020-

The role of insulated safety shoes (boots) is to insulate the human body from the ground, prevent current from passing through the path between the human body and the ground, cause electric shock to the human body, and reduce the risk of electric shock to a minimum, because the electric current passes through the contact point during electric shock When the human body flows into the ground, it also prevents the step voltage in the test voltage range from harming the human body. Therefore, not only insulated gloves but also insulated shoes are required for electrical work.

Anti-static leather shoes are produced according to the GB4385-1995 standard. The resistance value ranges from 100K'Ω to 1000M'Ω. This product has good breathability, antistatic, abrasion resistance, non-slip, and other functions. It is mainly used in aviation and aerospace hazardous industries The purpose is to avoid flammable and explosive accidents caused by static electricity.