Safety Shoes Application Range

- Sep 14, 2018-

Electrical insulating shoes: Suitable for electricians, electronic operators, cable installers, power transformer installers, etc. Note: Suitable for operating frequency voltage 1KV or less work environment, the working environment should be able to keep the upper dry.

Avoid contact with sharp, high temperature and corrosive substances, the bottom can not be corroded and damaged. Anti-static safety shoes: can eliminate static accumulation of human body, suitable for flammable workplaces, such as gas station operators, liquefied gas filling workers.

Precautions: The use of insulating shoes should not be used; wear anti-static shoes should not wear insulating wool thick socks or use insulating insoles; anti-static shoes should be used in conjunction with anti-static clothing; anti-static shoes generally do not exceed 200 hours shoes resistance value test once, if the resistance is not within the specified range, it can not be used as antistatic shoes. Acid safety shoes: Suitable for electroplating workers, pickling workers, electrolytic workers, with liquid workers, chemical operators and so on.

Note: acid and alkali resistant leather shoes can only be used in general low concentration of acid and alkali work place; Should avoid contact with high temperature, sharp damage the upper or sole leakage; After wearing, rinse the acid and alkali liquid on the shoe, then dry it to avoid direct sunlight or drying.