Purchase and use of anti-cutting gloves

- Sep 14, 2018-

The choice of cut-off hand cut as a precautionary measure, in addition to the material, use and price, but also to take care of the staff's opinion, let them participate in the selection model and style. It should be noted that the user must understand the limitations and care of gloves, which can be found on the glove's manual or label.

For example, cut-off gloves are not completely cut-off and are only suitable for human-operated tools, and knitted fiber gloves cannot withstand jagged or wavy blades. In the life or sanitation workers in repairing the thorn of flowers and plants should not use anti-cutting gloves. Because the cut-off gloves are made of steel wire, there will be many dense holes allowing the piercing to pass through. Anti-cut gloves are designed for people in long-term industrial safety.

In the long-term use, often and sharp touch, gloves will inevitably appear a small hole, if the glove hole too large, it is possible to threaten the safety of users, when the gloves need to repair or replacement.