Precautions before use of seat belts

- Sep 14, 2018-

1. Each use of seat belts, should look at the signs and certificates, check nylon with no crack, seam is reliable, metal parts are not missing, cracks and rust, safety rope should be hung on the connection ring for use.

2. The seatbelt should be high hanging low, and prevent swinging, collision, avoid sharp matter, can not contact open flame.

3. The hook and ring of the seatbelt should be firmly attached to the retention point when working.

4. When using a seatbelt in a low temperature environment, care should be taken to prevent the seat belt from hardening and fragmentation.

5. The use of frequent safety ropes should always do the appearance of inspection, the occurrence of anomalies should be timely replacement of new rope, and pay attention to the problem of adding a noose.

6. Can not be used to tie the seatbelt, in order to avoid the impact of the safety rope from the knot at the disconnection, the safety hook should be hung on the connection ring, can not be directly hung on the safety rope, in order to avoid falling when the safety rope was cut.

7. Two years after the use of seat belts, should be purchased according to the volume of sampling, surround rod with static load test safety rope to do the impact test, no rupture can continue to use, non-conforming products will not continue to use, the sampling of safety ropes must be replaced after the safety rope to use, replace the new rope attention to add a noose. 8. The seat belts should be stored in a dry, ventilated warehouse, not exposed to high temperatures, open flames, strong acids, strong alkalis and sharp hard objects, or exposure.

Do not use barbed tools when moving, to prevent sun and rain during transport.

9. Seat belts should always be clean, can be put in warm water with soap and gently rub, and then rinse with water, and then dry. 10. The various parts of the seatbelt shall not be arbitrarily dismantled.

When replacing a new piece, a qualified accessory should be selected. 11. The use of seat belts for 3-5 years, found that the abnormal should be scrapped in advance. In the use of the process, also pay attention to review, in six months to 1 years to test.

The main parts are not damaged for the requirements, such as the detection of damaged deterioration in a timely manner, and stop use, to protect the operation of safety.