Misunderstandings in the use of seat belts

- Aug 13, 2020-

Seat belts are the protector of life. In real life, some people have gone into a misunderstanding when using seat belts.

Misunderstanding one: Available or not

The seat belt has become a veritable "decoration". In fact, this is completely risking his own life. Therefore, you must not find it troublesome, you may be able to save your life with a small effort. To use a slogan that everyone knows: For your safety, please wear a seat belt.

Misunderstanding 2: Littering when not in use

In fact, like other parts, seat belts should be used and maintained. Regularly check the performance of the seat belt. If damage is found, the seat belt should be replaced in time. The waist belt should be as low as possible to tie it to the hip. It is better not to wear the belt at the waist, the shoulder belt should not be under the arm, hang the seat belt diagonally, do not twist the seat belt, do not hug the package on the leg or wear thick clothes, so as not to cause the seat belt to wear out. , Affecting normal functions. Do not let the seat belt press on hard or fragile objects, such as glasses, pens and keys in the clothes, and do not let the seat belt rub on the sharp edge to avoid damage to the seat belt. If the seat belt has been subjected to a strong straightening load during use, even if it is not damaged, the assembly should be replaced instead of continued use.