Important Points to Judge Fabric Quality of Workwear

- Dec 12, 2018-

Shrinkage is a common problem in industrial workwear because of the heavy washing treatment it usually receives in industrial laundering. Unless proper shrinkage treatment is carried out, there will very often be sizing and fitting problems with the workwear, especially with regard to leg length, sleeve length and body length.

All 100% cotton fabrics need to be pre-shrunk to avoid excessive shrinkage. The degree of pre-shrinkage required depends on the likely extent of staining or soiling that the workwear will be subject to. The more stubborn the stain or soiling, the higher the temperature of the industrial or commercial washing is required, which can cause shrinkage.

General industry requirement according to EN/ISO standard is Maximum 3.0% shrinkage at 60℃ for 3-wash cycle with tumble dry.

Specific industry higher requirement according to EN/ISO standard is Maximum 3.0% shrinkage at 90℃ for 3-wash cycle with tumble dry.


Colour fastness is a measure of how well a dye colour endures on fabric, assuming all washing methods and routines being the same. It is highly dependent on the quality and type of dyeing chemicals used, dyeing methods and skills of the fabric maker.

A good dyeing process will produce a high degree of colour fastness which in turn enhances work wear consistency and helps maintain the wearer’s corporate image in the workplace.

There can be no safety without strength, especially for flame retardant work wear. The type of fibre used and the method of fabric construction determine how strong the fabric is, which in turn determines the durability and pilling tendency.

Beside fabric construction, the finishing treatment and process also determine the texture of the fabric and the way the wearer’s skin will feel when it comes into contact with it. Wicking or the osmosis process by which moisture is moved from the underside of the fabric or the wearer’s skin to the surface, is also an important feature of a fabric that can determine comfort.