How to use the safety rope

- May 23, 2020-

1. Parallel safety rope is used to move the safety rope horizontally on the steel frame. It requires small elongation and high sliding rate. Generally, steel wire rope injection molding is used to facilitate the safety hook to move easily on the rope. The inner core of steel wire is 9.3mm and 11mm, and the outer diameter after injection molding is 11mm or 13mm. It is widely used in the installation of steel frame in thermal power engineering and the installation and maintenance of steel structure engineering.

2. Vertical safety rope, a protective rope for vertical up and down movement. With the use of climbing self-locking device, the braided and twisted rope can be used, which must reach the national tensile strength, and the rope diameter is between 16mm-18mm.

3. Fire safety rope, used for high-rise escape. There are two kinds of braiding and stranding. They are required to be strong and light. The rope with beautiful appearance has a diameter of 14mm-16mm, one end of buckle and safety card lock. The tensile strength reaches the national standard. The length is customized according to the user's requirements. Widely used in modern high-rise, small high-rise building households.

4. Outer wall cleaning rope, including main rope and auxiliary rope. The main rope is used for hanging and cleaning the sitting plate, and the auxiliary rope, that is, the auxiliary rope, is used to prevent accidental falling. The diameter of the main rope is 18mm-20mm. The rope is required to be strong, not loose and twisted, with high tensile strength. The diameter of auxiliary rope is 14mm-18mm, and the standard is the same as other safety rope standards.