How to tie a safety rope

- Jul 08, 2019-

Outdoor sports are more important for experience, careful planning and advance planning, but good equipment can help most people, especially ordinary people, improve the safety factor to complete an outdoor sport. So how to choose mountaineering clothing, mountaineering rope and other equipment have great stress, that should how to choose mountaineering rope? When choosing a climbing rope, we should consider the purpose of use first so as to decide the size and length of the climbing rope. Secondly, we should consider the climbing rope material, is to choose natural fiber material or chemical fiber material. Almost all the ropes used in the field today are made of nylon. Such products are stronger than natural fibers such as Manila hemp; It is also lighter, softer and more durable. In addition, it also has in the suspension of heavy objects, stretching large, easy to slide characteristics, we know the safety rope knot method what?1. Half knot and double knot: this method is the best choice for connecting two ropes and is very easy to untie after bearing the weight.2. Double fisherman's knot: this knot is most suitable for joining rope loops or infrequently untied ropes, as the double fisherman's knot is difficult to open after bearing the weight.3, double knot: very suitable for the erection of fixed points, after the knot is easily adjusted.4, pull the knot: when climbing, you can use the climbing rope to pull your backpack. A knot that moves in a single direction while restricting the rope.5, Italian half knot: usually used to make sure, with a rope ring, big mouth with a lock ring, but after knot easy to put together. It is a necessary equipment for a climber to climb a mountain. It can not only be used by oneself, but also can help others.6, bow: this is a very good knot, usually tied in the middle of the rope, used to cross the glacier.7, water knot: that is, tied on the main rope, also can be called the European knot. If it is hit on flat belt, it is difficult to untie, so it is usually used on the loop of the rope that does not need to untie.8. Bryn knot: also known as the king of knots, the knot is often tied in a harness but must be tied with a single knot before it can be used.9, check rope knot: that is equivalent to half three fishing knot, generally play at the end of the rope, used to prevent the rope team when climbing down the accident.10, figure of eight loop knot: is a connection on the sling knot, but also the most popular knot.