How to Inspect Full Body Harness Before Using It

- Nov 29, 2018-

Knowing what to look for when inspecting a full body harness is very important to ensure safety.

Here are inspecting steps:

1. Pick up the full body harness by its D-ring on the back.

2. Gently shake the full body harness to let the straps fall in to place.

3. Make sure the buckles are unfastened, so that you can save time to wear later

4. Look for any damage, such as worn, frayed or missing threads, cracked webbing, or foreign material on the full body harness.

5. Check the metal strap fasteners and D-ring to make sure they aren’t cracked or deformed.

6. If the full body harness has grommets, make sure they are firmly attached and aren’t deformed or otherwise damaged.

7. Make sure buckle tongues are firmly attached and not bent.

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