Features of protective footwear

- Sep 14, 2018-

During the First World War, protective footwear was used in the war between the U.S. military and its hostile countries, during the landing war, the local resistance, the ground covered with bamboo sticks, then the military boots were quickly pierced, the speed of the march was blocked. Admiral Michele Shields will collect a way to break the bamboo sticks nationwide. The production of shoes manufacturers have no technology to produce high-sharpness shoes, the war was postponed. A shoe designer would think of a tyre as a way to produce a shoe's outsole, which is now said to be Goodyear technology, and a shoe produced from the bottom of the tyre was born. Soon, the battle changed, and the army went through the same as a bulldozer. And this shoe is named KLS. At the end of World War I, this interesting shoe quickly swept the globe. And soon be improved into life, is the shoes we see.

Improved cat application and production and life outdoor leisure, its outsole wear-resistant, anti-skid, anti-static and so on. Its upper is made of 2.2MM bee skin, wear-resisting is the nature, its waterproof performance is also first-class.