EN388-CE Glove Protection Standard -safety gloves

- Dec 17, 2018-

EN388 is one of the European standards for Industrial Glove protection.  On the basis of the glove general standard EN420, this standard stipulates the technical requirements, test methods, marking and usage instructions of the mechanical hazard protection of labor protective gloves. It is suitable for all kinds of protective gloves in mechanical hazards, and can also be used to determine the anti-impact cutting and anti-static characteristics of gloves. SICURO-Sika brand protective gloves meet EN388 standard, you can see the standard map on each product.

Four Basic test performance:


Abrasion resistance :  3

Blade cut resistance :1

Tear resistance :3

Puncture resistance :1


EN388 standard is one of the relatively perfect glove standard series in Europe. Because of its wide range and universality of hazards, it has been widely used in many fields all over the world.