Pay attention to the safety belt before use

- Mar 30, 2020-

Before using the safety belt for work at height:

1. When using the safety belt every time, check the sign and certificate, check whether the nylon belt has cracks, whether the seam is secure, whether the metal parts are missing, cracked and rusted, and the safety rope shall be hung on the connecting ring for use.

2. The safety belt shall be hung high and used low, and shall prevent swinging and collision, avoid sharp substances and contact with open fire.

3. During operation, the hooks and rings of the safety belt shall be firmly hung on the tie points.

4. When using the safety belt in low temperature environment, pay attention to prevent the safety belt from becoming hard and splitting.

5. The frequently used safety rope shall be subject to visual inspection frequently. In case of any abnormality, the new rope shall be replaced in time, and attention shall be paid to the problem of adding rope sleeve.