Anti-fall gloves safety belt

- Mar 05, 2020-

In high-altitude operations, the process of the operator climbing, up and down, horizontal movement, and shifting the operating position is a dynamic process. There is no fixed buckle point for the seat belt. This process is not protected against falling. Once the operator does not grasp the fixture, or If the foot is not stepped firmly, a high-altitude fall accident will occur.

Anti-fall gloves are used in conjunction with safety belts. The operator wears anti-fall gloves and attaches the other end of the anti-fall rope to the safety belt. While holding the fixture, the anti-fall device is linked with the movement of the hand to fasten it. Once the operator fails to grasp the fixture or his foot is not stepped on firmly, the fall arrester fastened to the fixture pulls the safety belt through the fall prevention rope to ensure that the operator will not fall, thereby preventing a high-altitude fall accident. occur.

The patented anti-fall gloves technology makes up for the shortcomings of traditional safety belts and provides a dynamic protection device for high-altitude workers. It fills the technical gap in this field and can greatly reduce the occurrence of fall accidents at high altitudes. A technological innovation.