KL8M (H) Mining Light

Model KL8M(H), safety miner mining light, a portable type, can be used as manual lamp or working with a helmet as headlight, with high quality elements ( LED, auxiliary light sources, Li-ion battery) and intelligent protection (overcharge & over-discharge resistant function and short circuit protection device.
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Safety miner lamp mining light, Model KL8M(H), with high quality components ( LED, auxiliary light) and intelligent protection (circuit protection device), guarantees the security of users.

1) 1 Main LED, and several auxiliary light as light sources, this miner lamp has long continuous discharging time.

2) Wide temperature range for usage: -8 - 40℃.

3) Explosion-proof class: Ex I. The model can be used in various flammable and explosive places.

4) PTC self-protection and reusable short circuit protective device are set inside, guarantee the security of users.



mining light miner lamp



1) The battery is charged with more than 1/4 power when shipped out of factory, turn on the switch to make sure it can illuminate normally. If it was in good condition, charge and use it.

2) Charged with matched charging set or unit charger.

3) Do not over discharge the lamp, use it in stipulated time, otherwise, battery’s capacity and life of service would be reduced.

4) If any damage happened in using, give it to check department after leaving mine well, and maintain by professional

person with special tool, don't open lamp yourself, especially under mine.

5) Do not acutely knock or collide lamp in carrying or using, to avoid damage to any parts to affect normal warning.

6) If the lamp was not used frequently, pls charge it every three months during storage.