KL5M(H) Miner Cap Lamp

Model KL5M(H), is a special illuminating lamp for workers carrying individually under mine. It adopts Li-ion battery, CREE LED double light sources, with smart size and light weight, free maintenance battery, and long life LED. Due to its pretty working condition temperature, this model of miner cap lamp becomes so popular with the workers underground.
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Product Details


Model KL5M(H), is a special illuminating lamp for workers carrying individually under mine.

1) Portable style, the lamp head and battery part are connected by cable’s upper cover to be a whole miner’s lamp.

2) The safety miner lamp owns Li-ion battery, CREE LED double light sources.

3) Light weight, free maintenance battery, and long life LED, make the mining lamp reliable.

4) The working conditions: Temperature -8 - 40℃.

5) Explosion-proof type: Exs I.

6) PTC self-protection is set between battery group, and reusable short circuit protective device is set on cable’s battery end.





Rated capability

6.6Ah (Li-ion battery)

Rated voltage


Continuous discharging time

> 20h

Main light LED Working voltage


Main light LED Working current


Main light Power


Main light Luminous flux

> 280Lm

Lamp lighting degree (distance 1 meter)

> 10000Lux (at the starting time)      

> 85000Lux (after 18 hours working time)

Main light Usage life hour

> 100000h

Accessory light Usage life hour


Short circuit protect time

< 15ms

Usage duration of Battery  (recharges)

1000 recharges (in reasonable working condition)

Charging time

≤ 12hours


< 462g

Charging voltage and current

DC:4.2V  1000mA



1) The battery is charged with more than 1/4 power when shipped out of factory, turn on the switch to make sure it can illuminate normally. If it was in good condition, charge and use it.

2) Please Charge with matched charging set.

3) Do not use the lamp when charging.

4) If there were any damage, please look for help of professional person. Do not fix the lamp yourself.

5) If the lamp was not used usually, please charge per three months in storage period.