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About Us Our Company We’re a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial safety products. Growing Business We have exported to 25 countries. Our client numbers are growing rapidly.

Hot Products

    • 5 Point Safety Harness

      5 Point Safety Harness

      Model No.: 1801009. This model of 5 point safety harness is for general fall arrest and roofing application. Big forged waist D - ring and plastic protection ring ensure the safety. Lanyard keeper helps the workers place their tool bags during walking.

    • Safety Lanyard with Hooks

      Safety Lanyard with Hooks

      Model No.: 1802012. This safety lanyard with hooks ( one snap hook and one rebar hook ) is a entry-level lanyard of 6 foot. Single leg is simple style, but with high strength. Webbing, of 30mm, has high strength. One snap hook and one scaffolding hook on the endings are for quick connection.

    • Safety Harness and Lanyard

      Safety Harness and Lanyard

      Model No.:1801005 + 1802002. This model of safety harness and lanyard owns a higher visibility with the bright green webbing. Double big stamped alloy D-ring in the waist, provide more security and comfort. Protective sleeve extends the service life of webbing.